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Meet Uyon Johnson

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Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Uyon gives back to Mercy Health to pass on the blessings she has received in her role

Uyon Johnson believes that increased awareness around diversity, equity and inclusion is integral to the mission of Mercy Health. As such, Uyon takes her role of leading Mercy’s Leadership Councils for Diversity & Inclusion very seriously.

Fortunately for Uyon, the Mercy Health Foundation does too.

“The Foundation supports initiatives that combat inequities in this space, and provides resources for those in need,” Uyon says. “They provide critical resources to meet the needs of our patients and associates.”


“I believe in the scripture Luke 12:48 – To whom much is given, much will be required.”


It’s natural then, for Uyon to be one of many Mercy Health associates who gives regularly to the Foundation. “I recognize how blessed I am, and it's why I have given to many organizations during my career, including the Foundation.”