Janice Brewer’s Story

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Mercy Health - Irvine, KY

Thanks to you, a new patio space at Marcum Wallace Hospital lifted Janice's spirits during recovery

It was Spring when Janice Brewer suffered a stroke—right in the prime blooming season of her flower gardens at home.

While she recovered in the hospital, one comfort was that she was still able to enjoy being outside in nature. Because of your donations, the patio area at Mercy Health Marcum and Wallace Hospital was renovated for patients.

Janice’s granddaughter, Brooke Mays, says it was difficult for her grandmother to be inside all the time so having access to the outdoor area made a real difference in her recovery.


“Thank you for allowing her to experience a little of what she enjoys at home while she was away.”


“She was really missing being at home,” Brooke says. “She was just getting a little down. It helped that there was a birdfeeder just outside her window, and we all sent her photos of her flower garden, but it wasn’t the same as being outside.”

The rebuilt patio not only boosted Janice’s spirits with nature, but it also provided a space where she could visit with family and friends that might not be able to go inside the hospital.

“Because of COVID restrictions at the time, the youngest members of our family couldn’t visit her inside. But the patio allowed all of us to visit. Being able to get outside in such a pleasant setting absolutely helped with her recovery.”