Meet Janice Bush

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Mercy Health - Irvine, KY

Janice gives because she feels Marcum and Wallace Hospital is one of the best things in Estill County

Janice Bush has a very special reason for supporting Marcum and Wallace Hospital, one that happened many years ago on a wintery night.

“I really came to appreciate the hospital very much when in the middle of a raging ice storm, on December 21, my daughter was born,” Janice said. “Dr. Virginia Wallace looked at me in the middle of all of it and said, ‘You’d better be glad we have this hospital, or we’d be having a home delivery tonight!’”


“The hospital is one of the greatest things we’ve ever done in Estill County, and I’m proud to support it.”


Janice knows firsthand how important the hospital is to our community and wants to keep it strong.

“I remember as a child how hard it was to get medical attention here. It means so much to my family and my community in so many ways.”