John Howard’s Story

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Mercy Health - Paducah, KY

Donors gave John the compression gear he needed to manage his lymphedema

For the past two decades, John Howard has suffered from lymphedema. Lymphedema is an incurable condition where fluid builds up in soft body tissues, causing pain and swelling. John knew that using compression gear would help alleviate the symptoms, but the outdated gear was a burden to use.

Thanks to donors like you, John now has access to the latest compression technology.

“Back in those days, they only had individual elastic wraps that were very difficult to apply,” he recalls. “If you needed to adjust or tighten the wrap you had to take the whole thing off and start over. After therapy was over, I didn’t continue with the wrapping.”

Without effective compression treatment, John’s condition worsened. Last summer, he says that his leg was so swollen it was difficult for him to move and continue his daily life. He was referred to Mercy Health Lourdes Occupational Therapy, where he was fitted with a modern compression sleeve.


“It’s certainly been a blessing to me. I am less involved with wrapping my leg and more involved with going on with a normal life.”


“The new wraps have Velcro and are much easier to use and adjust throughout the day,” he says. “The swelling in my leg has decreased significantly and now it’s much easier to get around.”

John is thankful that the wrap donors made available is easy for him to use every day, which he credits for the improvement he’s seen. A treatment is only effective if it is used, and now John has relief from the pain and swelling caused by his lymphedema.