Meet Kurt & Staci

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Paducah, KY

Kurt and Staci give to strengthen Mercy Health's impact on their community in Paducah

As lifelong residents of Paducah, Staci and Kurt Averill are inspired to give because of how important Mercy Health Lourdes Hospital is to the community, and to their own family.

“It touches every part of our lives,” Kurt says. "And giving is an ongoing part of our faith. It is rewarding to see how many lives it saves, impacts, changes and improves.”

“Personal experiences have motivated us to do more,” says Staci.


“We've seen the difference a donation can make on services and how it has helped our family members.”


Hearing from other community members has been especially gratifying for the Averills.

“We’ve heard from people about how much they’ve been helped with everything from the Cold Cap technology for chemotherapy patients to hospice care,” Staci says. “When you hear them talking about what a great experience they’ve had, knowing you are even a little part of it means a lot.”