Jack Gorden’s Story

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Mercy Health - Paducah, KY

Jack gives because Mercy Health Lourdes Hospice cared for the love of his life

An elderly man stands outside in front of a tomato plant.

When Jack Gorden married his wife, Opal, he promised they would be together until death. He kept that promise, with a little help from Mercy Health Lourdes Hospice.

Opal was diagnosed with dementia a few years before she died. Because she could still get around, Jack was able to care for her. But as her condition deteriorated, he needed help.

“The last five or six months, she didn’t know what was going on. Still, anyone would rather be at home than in the hospital,” says Jack.


“Hospice was a big, big help. They brought a hospital bed and everything she needed so she could be in a familiar place.”


The care hospice nurses provided was “extremely good,” he says.

By donating to Mercy Health Foundation in support of hospice, Jack says he feels like he’s “paying back a little bit of what Opal received.”

“I hope if I get in that situation, they’ll be there for me too.”