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Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

You helped the Cramer family cope with the loss of a husband and father

Two years ago, Liz Cramer’s husband, Rob, died suddenly of a heart attack at age 35. Liz, an active-duty lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force, needed a way for her and her three daughters to process overwhelming trauma and grief.

“It was heartbreaking,” she says. “We were shattered. I didn’t know what to do, especially being a full-time working parent. Thankfully someone at the base recommended KIDZ’NGRIEF.”

The Bon Secours KIDZ’NGRIEF bereavement program offers grief education and support to children and teens as they cope with the multitude of changes and emotions they experience after the death of a family member. The program, which is funded through your generous donation, encourages children and teens to ask questions and talk about the person who has died. Using a range of innovative activities, participants can learn to adjust to the physical loss of their loved one.

For Liz and her daughters, it saved their lives.


“There’s no other real emotional care for the feelings that come after a trauma and loss like that. KIDZ’NGRIEF helped us grow from trauma instead of the opposite. It helped us come together instead of losing each other. “


Thanks to your support of KIDS’NGRIEF, Liz and daughters Aemmie (13), Eva (11) and Anna (6) recently reached the two-year anniversary of Rob’s passing.

“This program has been more effective than therapy or any counseling,” she says. “For my daughters to know it’s normal to grieve and have real emotions will mean a lot for their development.”