Andrew Green’s Story

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Mercy Health - Lima, OH

Thanks to your support of inpatient rehab, Andrew is back to work after a harrowing experience with COVID

Hard work, determination and your help are what Andrew Green counted on to get back on his feet. In March 2021, he was hospitalized with COVID-19 and placed on a ventilator. He wasn’t taken off the ventilator until April, and even then, he was still sedated with a tracheotomy.

“When I woke up, I couldn’t do anything for myself,” Andrew says. “I couldn’t walk or even feed myself.”

Andrew promised his doctors that he would learn to walk again. He knew he could regain his self-sufficiency after inpatient rehabilitation at Mercy Health - St. Rita’s Medical Center. There, he was able to use equipment purchased with your gift.


"Prior to coming to the hospital, it never occurred to me to me how important rehab could be."


“Everyone was so supportive,” he says. "I started slowly, just using the parallel bars to learn to stand again. Then I moved on to using some of the weights to regain my strength. It was all instrumental in getting back to myself.”

When he left the hospital in June 2021, he was able to walk with just a walker. He started outpatient rehabilitation where he continued to make use of the equipment and services supported by donors like you.

Andrew was off work for a total of 15 months. He is happily back at work and providing for his family.

“Without a doubt, I want to thank donors,” he says. “They were vital in my recovery and ability to take care of my family.”