Mae’s Story

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Bon Secours - Greenville, SC

Your donation means Mae can get home health and rehab after a months-long hospital stay

After nearly five months in the hospital, Mae Miller was ready to go home. Thanks to your gift to the Bon Secours St. Francis Home Care Fund she was able to get the help she needed to continue healing at home.

Mae was hospitalized with COVID-19 in September 2021. She was on a ventilator, dialysis and had a feeding tube for months. And to complicate matters, she suffered a stroke while she was in the hospital.

Her daughter, Theresa Pulliam, wanted to bring her mom home after such a long time, but Mae needed extensive therapy and care to help her recover.


“I was able to get nursing care and physical therapy because of Home Care,” Mae says. “It was wonderful to have so much help.”


Teresa is also grateful for your support that made a difference for her mom.

“The therapists worked with her and taught me the exercises she needed to do so I could help her as well,” Teresa says. “It has been a long process that started with simple things she could practice while in bed. Slowly but surely, she has made a lot of progress and even though she doesn’t have a lot of stamina, now she can use her walker to move around and even get into the car.”

Mae and Teresa appreciate your gift that provided the services that help Mae recover at home.

“Thank you! I’m so glad I was able to get the care I needed from Home Care.”

Mae Miller receiving physical therapy treatment following her recovery from COVID-19

Mae Miller with daughter, Theresa Pulliam