Meet the Blum Sisters

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Three sisters give to honor their father's commitment to better health

When Robert Blum needed heart care, it changed his life. It kickstarted a passion to live healthily and he frequently let his daughters know how much the team at Mercy Health meant to him.


“At some point in his 80s, he told us he felt better than he did in his 60s,” said daughter Betsy. “I fully believe they extended his life by 10 years.”


Since his death in 2006, Betsy, Barbara and Carol Blum have continued their father’s legacy of giving by donating to cardiac rehabilitation services at Mercy Health's Anderson Hospital. The sisters also believe the social aspects of daily exercise at the HealthPlex had a positive effect on their father’s spirit and well-being.

“I struggle with my weight, but his commitment and passion to improving his health was a great example for me to follow,” Betsy shared. “I now walk every single morning because of my father.”