Doug Litsey’s Story

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Mercy Health - Lima, OH

Because you support the Henry & Beverly Hawk Vascular & Heart Center, Doug gets cardiac care right in Lima

More than 20 years ago, Doug Litsey learned he had serious heart issues. Thanks to your support of the Henry & Beverly Hawk Vascular & Heart Center at Mercy Health - St. Rita’s Medical Center, he has the medical care he needs. From technicians to surgeons, Doug has had everything right here in Lima because of you.

“A routine physical for work showed some concerns about my heart,” says Doug, a former firefighter and paramedic. “I had a stress test and heart catheterization where they found a blockage. In 2002, I had open heart surgery, and now go back on a regular basis.”

Doug chooses St. Rita's because he’s developed a good relationship with the staff and physicians there. Since his surgery, he has been back for stents and other heart-related procedures.


“Your donations are going to an organization that makes patient well-being a top priority. They constantly improve and escalate the quality of care they provide in our community.”


“It’s always a great interaction and conversation,” he says. “They are open to questions and provide understandable answers.”

A team approach is important in caring for patients like Doug. Your gift is instrumental to providing a continuum of care at the Henry & Beverly Hawk Vascular & Heart Center.