Meet Cam Marshall

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Paducah, KY

You provide protection for Cam and peace of mind for his mother, Michelle

The best health care is preventative, and that’s just what your donations are doing with the purchase of special helmets, called Guardian Caps, for Paducah area high school football players.

Cam Marshall is one of those players. As a senior, Cam has been playing football since the third grade and can play many positions on the field. His favorite position is safety. As the last line of defense, he is thankful for the extra protection the Guardian Cap provides him and his teammates.

He and his mother Michelle both feel better when he is wearing one of the new helmets out on the field.


“As his mom, I’m always concerned for Cam, on and off the field. But I feel 100 percent better knowing that he has extra protection with the helmets.”


The next time you go to one of the Friday night games, you can be proud of your support that is keeping everyone on the field safer.

“We greatly appreciate them,” Michelle said. “It really protects their heads and increases safety to limit the possibility of concussions.”

Cam and Michelle have been touring college campuses, where he plans to play football at the collegiate level.