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Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Dr. Johnson-Threat gives to the Good Help Fund to help her patients continue healing once they're home

As a care provider, Dr. Yvette Johnson-Threat understands the importance of continuing a patient’s care after they leave the hospital.

“We do a lot of work trying to improve the health of patients while they’re with us,” she said. “Unfortunately, all the work we do to get them home can be for naught if they can’t afford to get the things they need to be successful once they’re discharged.”


“I may not be able to fund a new wing on the hospital, but I can impact a person who can’t afford to get their medicine that could be live-saving or life-changing.”


Dr. Johnson-Threat gives to the Good Help Fund, which supports patients in need at the time of discharge. She sees firsthand how her gifts help patients.

“That’s why I am passionate about giving. Just a small amount can make a huge difference.”