Whitney Denson’s Story

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Mercy Health - Paducah, KY

Whitney could not hold her newborn, but he was safe and warm because of you

A young family of mom, dad, young girl, and baby boy stand outside.

Having a baby is one of life’s most special times, but for Whitney Denson and her family, having a baby during a pandemic posed complications. Because Whitney had tested positive for COVID the day before her C-Section, her husband wasn’t allowed to be in the operating room.

“Every person in that hospital made the best out of a really terrible situation,” she says.

Immediately following the birth of her second child, Ty, there were even more complications. Whitney was too sick to hold her newborn.

Fortunately for the Denson family, your donation provided Giraffe Warmer technology at Mercy Health Lourdes Hospital, which can be used to safely and comfortably transport young babies.


“It’s a special time when you have a baby, but sometimes not everything goes perfectly and you might need things like a Giraffe Warmer to help.”


“As a mom you feel like you need to be mom from the second they come out, but that’s not practical all the time,” Whitney says. “Knowing that they could safely and comfortably get Ty to my husband allowed me to take the breath that I really needed to start recovery myself.”

Whitney is grateful that donors like you saw the need and the importance of providing this technology for families like hers.

“Knowing that others recognize this and are willing to donate to see that patients are the most comfortable and at ease they can be is amazing.”

“I’m grateful that we got to see firsthand what Foundation donors can do and have done for patients.”