Meet Bryon & Josefa

Make an Impact

Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Bryon and Josefa Wall began their giving journey when Josefa became inspired by the work of forensic nurses

The Walls have been active donors since 2014, but their passion for philanthropy was instilled in them at an early age.

“We both had parents who helped the community, so it’s something we’ve seen throughout our lives,” Bryon said. “We emulate our parents in ensuring people have what they need.”

The Walls understand the need for people who are passionate and caring to give back.

“We’re not here by ourselves,” Josefa said. “We are together and certainly we need to look out for each other, so everyone lives their best lives.”


“I’ve seen the impact of forensic nursing and victim response teams and the important work they do. You wish their services weren’t necessary, but unfortunately they are. We want to help them be the best at what they do.”


The Walls support the Violence Response Team so victims get compassionate help

The forensic nurses with Bon Secours Violence Response Team help patients move from a place of despair to a place of hope; a mission that Bryon and Josefa very much want to support.