Meet Pam Williams

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Mercy Health - Irvine, KY

New cleaning equipment keeps patients, visitors and staff safe, thanks to you

Your gift helped Mercy Health Marcum and Wallace Hospital prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic even before it started. Just prior to the pandemic, donations helped purchase electrostatic disinfectant sprayers to quickly clean hospital rooms and waiting areas.

Pam Williams works in Environmental Services at the hospital and said it has made a huge difference in how fast and effectively rooms can be cleaned, which was especially important to keep people safe during COVID-19.

“It is great for those places you can’t reach by hand because the mist reaches everything,” Pam said. With the new equipment, disinfectant can be applied to nooks and crannies, quickly cleaning public areas like waiting rooms.


“The mister cuts the cleaning time by 40 percent. We can be in and out and it doesn’t leave any kind of odor.”


When a patient leaves a room, it needs to be empty for 70 minutes before cleaning can begin. Adding another 40 to 45 minutes for the cleaning itself means a longer wait for new patients to be admitted to a room.

“During the pandemic there were so many patients, day and night. Even now, we clean those areas multiple times each shift,” Pam said.

Pam is grateful for your gift that helps keep the hospital sparkling clean.

“Thank you so much! It has made my life so much easier, and it is keeping our patients, visitors and staff safe.”