Carol Graham’s Story

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Bon Secours - Greenville, SC

Thanks to you, Carol is staying one dance step ahead of her Parkinson's disease

Carol Graham remembers her doctor's words after her Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis.

“He said that the best thing I could do was to stay busy,” she says.

Because of you, Carol is able to take that advice to heart. She fills her days with physical activities intended to keep her disease from progressing. She walks, stretches, does a little strength training, and even boxes and plays ping pong.

“I realized that with Parkinson’s, if I did not do something, it would be my fault when I continued to decline,” she says. “I’m trying anything and everything that I can to help.”

One activity that she was surprised to learn was available to her was dance therapy. Your gift provides free classes to Parkinson’s patients. Dance can help manage neurological deficits in balance, gait and mobility.


“I think it’s a blessing for the Parkinson’s community. I was blown away that it is offered for free. I expected to pay for it.”


Through the dance therapy classes, Carol is finding both therapy and community. She’s grateful for your donation that makes it possible.

“It’s a nice way to make friends and meet other people who have Parkinson’s,” she says.

Carol says she is "still new" to Parkinson's. It's a testament to her attitude and enthusiasm, and to your support of the Bon Secours Diane Collins Neuroscience Institute that she's keeping her disease at bay. When she's not Cha-cha-cha-ing she's looking for the next program to try.

"I would like to add voice lessons next," she says.