Meet Tracy & Shannon

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Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Tracy and Shannon give to help ease the pain of losing a child

Tracy and Shannon Armes experienced unimaginable grief with the loss of their daughter, Skyler, during pregnancy. After delivery, their hospital provided a CuddleCot™, a cooling bassinet that regulates a baby’s body temperature following death. This gives parents and loved ones the gift of time with their baby to bond, take pictures and make memories that will last a lifetime.

The Armes family generously donated a CuddleCot™ to Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center in September.


"We wanted to let other families know they are not alone. In that moment, you are in such a dark place, but others have experienced it and they have survived."


Shannon and her husband also wanted to make sure other hospitals could help families who have a limited amount of time with a child. “We did it out of love for our daughter and our desire to give hope to others,” she said. “That extra time is a precious gift that we know they will always cherish.”