Cassandra’s Story

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Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Your gift helps cancer patients like Cassandra focus on healing

Cassandra and other cancer patients don’t have to worry about losing their hair, because of your gift.

When Cassandra first received her breast cancer diagnosis, her first thought was her family. Her second thought was losing her beautiful hair.

“It sounds silly to think I was worried about my hair, given I was coming to terms with a potentially life-threatening illness,” she said. “I just didn’t want to look sick in front of my family. If I appeared somewhat normal, maybe they wouldn’t worry as much.”

Her oncologist, Dr. Irvin, suggested a cool scalp therapy that could help.

The Paxman Scalp Cooling System, also known as Cold Caps, helps cancer patients like Cassandra lose less of their hair. The procedure cools the head, reducing the amount of chemo that goes to the scalp. The result is less chemo going to hair follicles before, during, and after chemo treatment.

Thanks to your generosity, Bon Secours offers the Cold Caps procedure to our patients at no cost and the only health care system in the Greater Richmond area to offer this technology. When you give to support our cancer patients, you’re not only helping to improve the mind and body, but also the spirit of patients like Cassandra.


“Everyone has been so giving and helpful during my treatment. They treat me like family and make sure I have everything I need to heal. Even something as simple as keeping my hair is just one less thing I have to worry about.”


“It’s been a challenging time, but everyone at Bon Secours has gone above and beyond to make me still feel like myself."