Peter Bloch’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Peter gives to help with the greatest health care needs in his community

Peter Bloch still lives by one important adage that his family impressed upon him as a child.

“My family always taught me that if you have your health, everything else will work itself out,” Peter said.

To help ensure that more people can take care of their health, Peter has long supported the efforts of the Mercy Health Foundation with both his time and generous gifts.


“The thing that strikes me every time I read about Mercy Health is not only their focus on patients and high-quality care, but their commitment to community benefit.”


Through his work as a board member, Peter learned the importance of giving and its impact on a variety of Mercy Health programs. Now, he gives annually to the Cincinnati Greatest Need Fund.

“I think it makes much more sense to let folks in the know make the decision as to the best use of my contribution,” he said.