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Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Your donations mean the Care-A-Van can deliver vital health care to those who need it

A mother and her young son get health care inside a mobile Care-a-Van in Richmond, VA.

When Glenda Madrid moved with her family to Richmond, she wasn’t sure where to get the vaccines her children needed for school.

“Someone told me about the mobile Care-A-Van, and we came here because we needed those services,” she recalls. “They helped me here.”

Glenda came to rely on the providers at the Bon Secours Care-A-Van to help her manage the health of her children. Her 10-year-old son Josue, in particular, lives with several conditions. Your generosity to Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation means Josue has access to vital medical care he needs to live a full and healthy life.


“The Lord has given you the ability to provide this help that many people like us need when we come to this country for our children. I am really thankful and appreciative of what you do. Thank you and God bless you!"


“All the staff have treated us well here,” Glenda says. “Especially for Josue because he is the one that needs the most services.”

“They do a very good job, and they are very nice and kind people,” Josue says. “They help the people that need it and that makes me happy.”

Without the Care-A-Van, Glenda says that her family would not have the health care or support they need to stay healthy. She is grateful for your support of the Care-A-Van program.

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You help families like the Madrids get the care they need

You make a big difference when you give to the Care-a-Van Mobile Health Clinic. The Care-a-Van provides free health care and equipment to those in need. When the Madrids moved from Honduras, it was vital for young Josue to have access to those services.