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Mercy Health - Irvine, KY

Thanks to you, telehealth equipment allowed the Allens to stay here in Irvine for COVID-19 treatment.

When Brenda and Manford Allen were both hospitalized with COVID-19, your gift gave them the care they desperately needed.

Last August, they were struggling to breathe and ended up spending three weeks in the hospital. Thanks to donations, Mercy Health Foundation Irvine provided funding for virtual ICU telehealth equipment that connected a remotely located critical care expert with the local medical team at Mercy Health–Marcum and Wallace Hospital. This expert helped monitor Brenda and Manford’s recovery and provided direction for their medical care.

“Even though it is a small hospital, we received exceptionally good care,” Brenda said. “If we were to need treatment for anything again, I would definitely go back there.”


"If it hadn't been for the great care we received, I don't think we would have come out of the hospital. It is by the mercy of God that we both made it and are home doing well."


The Allens have fully recovered, and Manford is back to his maintenance job. They are both very thankful for your donation which bought the equipment to have remote specialists available to help them.

“We had the best treatment,” Brenda said. “We were so very sick.”