Megan Marconyak’s Story


Megan Marconyak’s Story

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Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Megan gives to the Bon Secours Violence Response Team to provide special care to victims of violence

Megan Marconyak became aware of the Bon Secours Violence Response Team's important work at its annual fundraiser. What she learned there made a powerful impression. After that, Megan became a regular donor. She also started fundraising for the VRT through the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation.

“After I really understood the impact of the organization, I wanted to get involved,” says Megan.


“As women, we don't always have care that's focused on us. So when you hear that, it really resonates.”


The Violence Response Team is made up of specially trained forensic nurses and victim services advocates. The VRT delivers specialized medical attention, collects evidence of crimes, provides emotional support to victims of sexual assault at all Bon Secours Richmond hospitals.

“It's the value of their work,” says Megan. “It's providing that particular specialized care and making it available to anyone who needs it. That’s the thing I care about.”

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Megan became a regular donor to VRT when she first learned of it

Megan was introduced to the VRT at the annual fundraiser that supports it. When she heard about what the team provides, and how badly it's needed, she decided to become a donor. Listen to her story in her own words.