Rev. Taylor’s Story

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Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Reverend Taylor found life-saving help in a diabetes boot camp, because of you

When Reverend Robert K. Taylor’s doctor suggested a diabetes program to help him get his A1C level under control, he was skeptical.

“My pride got in the way,” Robert said. “I spent 29 years in health care, and I’ve been through every kind of program. I thought I knew it all.”

Thanks to your donation, Bon Secours Diabetes Boot Camp was available for Robert. In the one-on-one program, his dietician, Andrea Van Scoik, treated him not just as a person with diabetes, but as someone with the ability to face the disease head on.


“Andrea taught me to take accountability and responsibility for treatment,” he said. “She gave me the information I needed to be part of the solution. She gave me a sense of hope that I can beat this thing by following the road map.”


Today, Robert’s sugar levels and his weight are down, and he has nothing but praise for you and other donors who helped fund the program.

"Thank you for looking at diabetes as a serious issue. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be a statistic in the ER. This program changes lives.”