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Give today toward your next Mercy Club recognition level

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Mercy Club is an honor reserved for our most dependable and generous donors

Join the club! Donors who give at least $100 a year are recognized as part of Mercy Health Foundation Greater Lima's Mercy Club, a group of people and businesses whose outstanding generosity improves the quality of health care available to everyone here in Lima.

As a donor, every gift you make throughout the year to Mercy Health Foundation Greater Lima counts toward your Mercy Club recognition level. You might donate in response to a letter or email you receive from the Foundation, purchasing tickets to The Red Door Gala or giving to a priority fundraising initiative. All of it counts!

Every January, your donations are totaled from the previous year and you are recognized for your achieved level of giving on the donor wall at Mercy Health St. Rita’s Medical Center.

Over the years your donations—large and small—add up, possibly qualifying you for a Tree of Mercy cumulative lifetime giving level starting at $10,000.

Mercy Club Perks

  • Your name listed on the donor wall in the Mercy Health St. Rita’s Medical Center lobby
  • Invitation to the Red Door Gala and special stewardship events extended to donors of different club levels
  • Quarterly Celebrate Giving newsletter from the Foundation mailed exclusively to donors

Mercy Club Recognition Levels

Based on donor's total annual giving by the end of each year

Mercy Club




Community Partner


From businesses or organizations 

Tree of Mercy

Total lifetime giving of individuals and businesses of $10,000 or more

  • Founder - $10,000
  • Fellow - $15,000
  • Humanitarian - $25,000
  • Patron - $50,000
  • Benefactor - $75,000
  • Ambassador - $100,000+
  • President’s Circle - $1,000,000

Level Up Your Mercy Club Giving

Donate today! Donate often. Every gift adds up and can help you achieve a higher annual or lifetime giving recognition level. The more you give, the more impact you have for a better, stronger, healthier Lima!

Join the Club!

Every donation for life-saving medical care counts toward your Mercy Club level