New mobile mammography coaches

Mercy Health — Cincinnati, OH

New mobile mammography coaches hit the road in Cincinnati, thanks to donors

Mercy Health Foundation provides over $1 million to bring lifesaving breast cancer screenings to more women

Thanks to the generosity of Mercy Health Foundation donors, two new mobile mammography coaches offer women across Cincinnati a quick, convenient option near home or work for their annual screening. Each coach features the most advanced 3D imaging technology available, called tomosynthesis, which is more accurate and reduces false positive results. Preventive breast cancer screening saves lives by detecting cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages.

Many donors have contributed to Mercy Health Foundation's fundraising efforts for the new mobile mammography coaches, providing over $1 million in funding to purchase and equip the vehicles. Notable donations to the project were received from the Wyler Family Foundation, Kroger Health and Ameritas.


Erin Hurlburt, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Population and Community Health, Mercy Health - Cincinnati


“The support the Mercy Health Foundation received from so many individuals and partner organizations, to not only continue but expand the impact of the mobile mammography program, demonstrates our community’s commitment to making it easier to ensure all women are regularly screened for breast cancer.

Patients get mammogram results and details about any follow-up testing they might need right away, for added peace of mind and to reduce anxiety about test results. And no-cost screenings are available to those who qualify for financial assistance.

Adding a second mobile mammography coach further extends the reach of Mercy Health's women's centers to more locations across the community and allows more women access to services. And a partnership with Kroger Health brings mobile mammography screenings to convenient locations of The Little Clinic throughout Cincinnati.


Read more about our mobile mammography coaches on the Mercy Health blog or call (513) 686-3300 to schedule an appointment.