New EKG machines for heart program

Bon Secours — Greenville, SC

Bon Secours St. Francis Foundation provided over $35,000 to purchase two new EKG machines

Thanks to donors, patients benefit from the latest medical technology to detect electrical issues in the heart

An electrocardiogram machine, or EKG, is one of the most important pieces of equipment in our medical facilities. It is a painless test that records electrical signals in the heart to quickly detect heart problems. Often patients get an EKG as part of pre-surgery testing or when having symptoms of a heart attack.

Thanks to people who have generously donated to heart care services or where the need is greatest, the Bon Secours St. Francis Foundation was able to provide over $35,000 in funding from charitable giving to replace two outdated EKG machines.

Over 4,000 EKGs are performed each month at St. Francis. This new medical equipment funded by our donors makes surgical procedures safer and ensures patients get life-saving emergency treatment for heart conditions.