Harbour View Hospital Groundbreaking

Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

Groundbreaking ceremony launches hospital construction in Suffolk, VA

Northern Suffolk and western Hampton Roads are one step closer to having much-needed surgical services in the community, with the groundbreaking of Bon Secours Harbour View Hospital on October 26, 2022. A $1 million fundraising campaign is under way help build and equip the new three-story 98,000-square-foot facility.

The new hospital will connect to existing facilities at the Health Center at Harbour View, which currently has an emergency department, outpatient imaging and lab services, an ambulatory surgery center and physician offices. The surgically focused hospital will feature 18 private medical/surgical patient rooms and two operating rooms, with space to expand the number of beds and ORs in the future as needs expand.

Suffolk residents will be able to receive hospital and surgical care in their community, without having to travel to another city. Patients in the emergency department can be admitted for on-site hospital services including surgery, if needed. With swift population growth in this area of southeast Virginia, the current lack of surgically focused hospital care is a challenge for residents. Bon Secours received a Certificate of Public Need, approving construction of Harbour View Hospital to increase access to surgical services and meet evolving community health care needs.

For more information about the new hospital and fundraising campaign, contact our team at Bon Secours Hampton Roads Foundation (757) 889-5900.

Harbour View groundbreaking
Campaign | Bon Secours — Hampton Roads, VA

Campaign for Bon Secours Harbour View Hospital

A $1 million fundraising campaign is under way to build a state-of-the-art surgical hospital in the Harbour View area of Suffolk, VA.