Women's Health

Make an Impact

Ensure great specialized care for women of all ages

Women have unique health care needs

Your giving supports a range of specialized health services for every stage of a woman's life

An illness or medical condition can affect women differently than men. And women have their own health needs that require special screenings or medical care like prenatal and obstetrics. Support from our donors helps Mercy Health provide a comprehensive lineup of services for women in Clark and Champaign Counties.

Donations make a difference in providing educational programs, medical equipment, labor and delivery enhancements, 3D mobile mammography technology and many other investments that ensure the best health care for women right here in our community. You can even direct your gift to benefit a particular program like one of the options below.

Women's Health Initiatives

Donations to our Foundation for Women's Health initiatives make funding readily available to grow, enhance and update Mercy Health's services tailored to women's needs. When a need or opportunity is identified, donations to this fund are put to good use for things like:

  • New Birthing Center equipment
  • Outreach and education for pregnant women
  • Patient support and education for women having breast reconstruction surgery following mastectomy
  • Outreach and education related to women’s health

Invest in Good Health

Support enhancements for the medical care women depend on

Mercy Health SRMC Birthing Center

Donors like you make birth days better by keeping our Birthing Center refreshed for a warm, comforting setting to welcome a new baby. Donations also support education and outreach to provide classes on parenting, childbirth, breastfeeding, caring for a newborn and other topics. Your support means women get information to help them have a healthy pregnancy and to care for their newborn.

Make a Difference

Help families welcome healthy babies in our modern birthing center

Mobile Mammography

Women are busy. Finding the time, or even lack of insurance or transportation can prevent them from getting an annual mammogram. Donations to the Foundation keep Mercy Health's mobile mammography coach on the road and in neighborhoods across the area, where people can conveniently walk in or make an appointment.

The latest 3D mammogram technology helps detect cancer in its earliest stages, when most treatable. And patients can receive results quickly. When you give, you ensure funds are available to:

  • Cover the cost of life-saving screenings for women with no or inadequate health insurance
  • Provide ongoing maintenance for the mammography coach
  • Support mobile mammography community events

Support Early Detection

Mobile mammography gives people a fighting chance against breast cancer

Maternal Fetal Medicine Program

Women with a high-risk pregnancy can get specialized medical care right here in Springfield. The program, funded through donations to the Foundation, works alongside the patient's primary OB/GYN physician to provide personalized care for their unique risk factors. Through Mercy Health's partnership with The Ohio State University, the program can support expectant mothers facing risk factors like:

  • Pregancy with more than one fetus
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Genetic conditions
  • History of premature births
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Other conditions that require high-risk care for mom or baby

Your donation for the Maternal Fetal Medicine program also provides funding for further testing and in-depth ultrasounds for women in our community so more babies are born strong and healthy.

Support Healthy Babies

Give women the special care they need to have a healthy pregnancy