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Ensure a safe, special birthing experience for every family

Each new baby is unique and special. Every birth day should be, too.

Your support means new mothers and babies have the best medical care for a safe, joyful delivery

One of the most meaningful ways to celebrate the miracle of a new life is by making a donation to healthcare services especially for mothers, babies and moms-to-be. Donations help Mercy Health provide the latest advances in maternity care and offer outreach education to help expectant parents prepare for a new baby. Gifts from donors like you ensure our Birthing Center is well-equipped to start every baby off with the best foot forward.

Designate your donation to one of the following services especially for mothers and babies.

Mercy Health SRMC Birthing Center

Donors like you make birth days better by keeping our Birthing Center refreshed for a warm, comforting setting to welcome a new baby. Donations also support education and outreach to provide classes on parenting, childbirth, breastfeeding, caring for a newborn and other topics. Your support means women get information to help them have a healthy pregnancy and to care for their newborn.

Make a Difference

Help families welcome healthy babies in our modern birthing center

Community Health Initiatives

Mercy Health is committed to meeting the ever-changing health needs of our community. We depend on donations to provide outreach, prevention, education and wellness services that address the most urgent and high-priority needs here in the Springfield and Urbana areas. Some of the Community Health services your donation supports include:

  • Education and awareness of common health risks
  • Mother-baby education to ensure healthy infants
  • Improving access to healthy foods
  • Literacy and education
  • Transportation to access health care services
  • Other services that assist with basic life and household needs 

Stand Together

Your gift helps people get resources for a better, healthier life

Maternal Fetal Medicine Program

Women with a high-risk pregnancy can get specialized medical care right here in Springfield. The program, funded through donations to the Foundation, works alongside the patient's primary OB/GYN physician to provide personalized care for their unique risk factors. Through Mercy Health's partnership with The Ohio State University, the program can support expectant mothers facing risk factors like:

  • Pregancy with more than one fetus
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Genetic conditions
  • History of premature births
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Other conditions that require high-risk care for mom or baby

Your donation for the Maternal Fetal Medicine program also provides funding for further testing and in-depth ultrasounds for women in our community so more babies are born strong and healthy.

Support Healthy Babies

Give women the special care they need to have a healthy pregnancy