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Children are a precious gift and hold the keys to our collective future. Every young person needs dependable health care, wellness check-ups, vaccinations and other support to grow and stay healthy. And young people who live in households of financial need require extra support to ensure they grow up healthy and thriving.

With your help, Mercy Health Urbana's Family Medicine and Pediatrics can offer health care and support that ensures kids don't fall behind. Donations support the clinic's Reach Out and Read Program that encourages parents to read with their children by providing free books. And donations also help the clinic staff purchase and distribute winter coats, hats and gloves to their patients who can't afford to buy cold weather clothing.

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Your gift for Mercy Health Urbana Hospital's Family Medicine and Pediatrics gives children in our community a place to receive kind, quality medical care. With your help, kids can stay healthy and even receive special support like free books and winter clothing.  

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