Women's Health

Make an Impact

Ensure great specialized care for women of all ages

A woman's health care should be as special and unique as she is

Your gift supports a number of medical services and specialties for women of all ages

A woman's health care needs change throughout her life. And illness or medical conditions can affect women differently than men. That's why Bon Secours provides a comprehensive lineup of services for women, focused on wellness, diagnosis and treatment. 

Donations make a difference in providing educational programs, cardiovascular screenings, medical equipment, labor and delivery enhancements, mammography technology and many other investments that ensure the best health care is available for women across the Richmond area. 

Violence Response Team

Thanks to funding from donors like you, Bon Secours can offer a special resource known as the Violence Response Team, which includes both forensic nursing and victim advocacy support. Specialty-trained nurses are available 24 hours a day to care for sexual and physical abuse victims. The entire team helps vulnerable victims begin healing, and also plays a vital role in the justice system. A discreet unit provides victims with privacy for support and examinations.

Forensic nurses and victim advocates help patients of all ages when the unthinkable has happened, including sexual assault and human trafficking, child and elder abuse. They work with victims to build trust that has been broken by abuse. They collect evidence for investigations, including taking fluid and hair samples, photographing evidence and testifying in court cases. Our Violence Response Team also train other nurses across the region and provide community education to increase available support and expertise for victims of violence.

Help Victims Heal

Ensure kind, discreet treatment is available for victims of abuse

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