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Good health and a bright future for kids, with your help

Health care challenges don't have to steal the joy of childhood

Your support means our community's youth have access to the best medical treatments and preventative health care, right here in the greater Richmond area

Children are a precious gift. They hold the keys to our collective future, and need special care throughout their childhood to ensure they grow up healthy and thriving.

With your help, our Pediatric Care teams will always be well-equipped and highly skilled to provide the best, most compassionate care tailored to the special needs of babies, kids and teens. Your giving will make a lasting impact in the lives of countless families who want good health for their littlest loved ones!


Children of all ages depend on primary care for wellness and when illnesses arise or chronic conditions need to be managed. Some newborn babies and children may need intensive care in the NICU or pediatric ICU. Or a child could need a stay in the hospital to treat an injury or ailment. Your support of Bon Secours Pediatrics means kids get the most experienced medical team, specialized equipment, and the latest treatments to help them return to good health.

A Heart for Kids

Support great health care for babies, children and youth

Richmond Hope Therapy Center 

Parents want their children to be independent and able to manage the skills of daily living. Some kids have an injury or medical condition that need special therapies. Thanks to our donors, the Richmond Hope Therapy Center is the first clinic in Virginia to offer highly effective intensive therapies and individualized programs specifically for children. Donor funding provides innovative tools therapists use to help kids gain strength, flexibility and balance. Richmond Hope Therapy Center is part of Richmond Community Hospital. 

Give Hope and Healing

Donations provide specialized therapies for children in the Richmond area

Noah's Children Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care 

Children with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness have unique physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. And their families need support and comfort as they care for their young loved one. That's why families across Central Virginia turn to Noah's Children. Your donation means every child who needs it can receive comfort care, symptom management and support for better quality of life and helps families make the most of their time together.

Other services include:

  • Clinical care coordination
  • Education and diagnosis information
  • Spiritual care
  • Family and sibling support
  • Social work
  • Grief and bereavement support

Comfort a Child 

Help kids facing life-threatening or life-limiting illness

Violence Response Team

Thanks to funding from donors like you, Bon Secours can offer a special resource known as the Violence Response Team, which includes both forensic nursing and victim advocacy support. Specialty-trained nurses are available 24 hours a day to care for sexual and physical abuse victims. The entire team helps vulnerable victims begin healing, and also plays a vital role in the justice systemA discreet unit provides victims with privacy for support and examinations.

Forensic nurses and victim advocates help patients of all ages when the unthinkable has happened, including sexual assault and human trafficking, child and elder abuse. They work with victims to build trust that has been broken by abuse. They collect evidence for investigations, including taking fluid and hair samples, photographing evidence and testifying in court cases. Our Violence Response Team also train other nurses across the region and provide community education to increase available support and expertise for victims of violence.

Help Victims Heal

Ensure kind, discreet treatment is available for victims of abuse

Neonatal ICU

When newborn babies are very sick or premature, our highly skilled teams and four NICUs in the greater Richmond area are here to care for them. Donations are crucial to help purchase the latest specialized equipment, keep our NICUs updated and comfortable for families, ensure staff are trained in the latest treatments and provide other services that support parents with a baby in the NICU. Donations for the NICU save lives and give babies a chance at a bright future.

Save a Life

Ensure the best life-saving medical care is available for newborns

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