Spiritual Care

Give Faithfully

Answer the call to help others heal their body, mind and spirit

Strengthening the spirit is an important part of healing

Spiritual care services help patients find hope and comfort in their faith traditions

Recovering from an illness, injury, mental health challenge or addiction is a journey. A person's mental resolve and the comfort and inspiration of one's faith is as important to the healing process as treating physical symptoms of the body.

Caring for the whole person—body, mind and spirit—is what sets Mercy Health apart from the rest. Spiritual care is one of the most visible expressions of Mercy Health's mission to extend the compassionate ministry of Jesus. Your faithful giving for spiritual care services means you, too, are an important part of our mission to improve the health and well-being of our community and bring good help to those in need, especially the poor, dying and underserved.

Sisters of Mercy Legacy Fund

Building on the legacy of St. Rita's foundresses, the Sisters of Mercy, this fund provides financial resources to address the most pressing health needs that arise in our community. A faith-based approach to caring for a person's mental, spiritual and physical wellness leads to more complete healing.

Donations support chaplains and bereavement counselors in comforting and praying with patients and their loved ones through difficult times. The chapel can be maintained to provide a quiet place for prayer and reflection. And programming can be offered to help staff, patients and visitors make a deeper connection with their faith.

Give Good Help

Help people in Lima get support for their whole being to fully heal


Spiritual care and bereavement counseling are important elements of hospice services, along with providing physical comfort for people in their final days. Donations directed to hospice make chaplains and counselors available as part of the care team to provide emotional and spiritual support for patients and their loved ones.

Compassionate hospice staff ensure dignity and peace for patients and provide guidance and counseling to their families. Because the end-of-life journey can be overwhelming, hospice staff trained in bereavement care are available to listen, comfort, and guide families every step of the way.

The Gift of Comfort

Support hospice patients and their families at a difficult time