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Help a person heal from the wounds that can't be seen

With support from donors, people can get services to overcome mental health conditions

Mental health challenges or addiction affect a person's entire wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. Mercy Health St. Rita's Medical Center depends on donations to help provide behavioral health programs and comforting patient care spaces that people depend on.

Donations to the Sisters of Mercy Legacy Fund provide targeted solutions to the most pressing health needs—often for mental health and addiction treatment services—that arise here in our community. Your donation helps people get tools and support to prioritize their good health, improve their mental wellbeing and have a better quality of life.

Some of the resources you help provide when you give to the Sisters of Mercy Legacy Fund include:

  • Behavioral Health center and program enhancements
  • Addiction prevention, education, community outreach and treatment options
  • Opiate Withdrawal and Linkage program connects patients who complete inpatient detox to services for continued treatment and recovery
  • Access to health care services for people in financial need or without insurance
  • Community health coordinator at St. Rita's
  • Spiritual care, chapels and meditation areas

Enhance Mental Health Services for Lima

Your donation to the Sisters of Mercy Legacy Fund means flexible funding is available when health care needs arise in our community. Behavioral health and addiction treatment are two needs that continue to be high priority in Lima, and your generosity ensures people have support to heal and recover.

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Ensure Lima neighbors have tools to prioritize their mental wellbeing

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Mental health services you support are part of Preslee's recovery

Preslee Burden finally found the help she needed to free herself from the grip of addiction at Mercy Health St. Rita’s Medical Center. Thanks to Mercy Health Foundation Greater Lima donors like you, we can offer support programs to the most vulnerable people in our community. Watch Preslee describe her experience in her own words.