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Ensure well-trained physicians to care for Lima's residents

The excellent health care you expect from Mercy Health starts with well-trained physicians

Our Graduate Medical Education program brings the best and brightest residents and medical school students to Lima to learn from our highly skilled physicians

Commonly referred to as a residency, the Graduate Medical Education (GME) program at Mercy Health St. Rita's Medical Center provides additional training for medical students and physicians after medical school, preparing them to specialize and practice independently.

These physicians-in-training get real-world experience and learn from our excellent St. Rita's doctors. In turn, many residents and students return to Lima to start their medical careers. And for years to come, our community will have more pharmacists and doctors to provide emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine and podiatry.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, a new state-of-the-art GME building gives students and residents the latest technology, simulation labs, lecture rooms and research spaces to develop the skills and knowledge to excel in their medical careers.

Your donation for Graduate Medical Education ensures a top-notch training program, research opportunities, ongoing updates for the GME building and equipment. And GME donations also help maintain the medical technology on the Mobile Health Clinic, which is staffed by residents and medical students in our GME program.

Invest in Lima's Future Physicians

Many communities are impacted by a shortage of physicians that prevents people from getting the health care they need. But thanks to donations to the Mercy Health Foundation Greater Lima, our community can recruit and keep the best doctors, surgeons and other health care providers to meet the medical needs of Lima's residents today and in the future.

Your donation to Graduate Medical Education at Mercy Health ensures Lima will continue to have strong, top quality health care services for everyone who needs it, right here in our own community.

Pay It Forward

Help train the best doctors that will care for you and your loved ones in the years to come

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Carl invested in the Graduate Medical Education Center

Carl Berger donates to the Mercy Health Foundation because of the projects we provide in Greater Lima. He was especially proud to support the construction of the Graduate Medical Education Center because, he says, it will help good doctors stay in Lima.

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