Community Health & Wellness

Make an Impact

Ensure everyone in our community can improve their health

When every person can thrive, Lima is a better place for all residents

Donations for community health programs address the needs within our own home town

Our health and wellness services extend well beyond the walls of St. Rita's Medical Center, reaching into neighborhoods across Allen and Hardin Counties. But we depend on donors like you to support Mercy Health's Community Health services that provide important screenings, medical care and wellness resources out in the community. Your giving ensures people have access to quality health care and support when and where it's most convenient for them. And often free of charge, to further help those who qualify because they lack insurance or the financial means to pay.

Sisters of Mercy Legacy Fund

The purpose of this fund is to help provide targeted solutions to the most pressing health needs that arise here in our community. Your donation helps people get tools and support to prioritize their good health and have a better quality of life.

Some resources provided by donations to the Sisters of Mercy Legacy Fund include:

  • Access to health care services for people in financial need or without insurance
  • Addiction prevention, education, community outreach and treatment options
  • Opiate Withdrawal and Linkage program connects patients who complete inpatient detox to services for continued treatment and recovery
  • Community health coordinator at St. Rita's Medical Center
  • Behavioral Health center and program enhancements
  • Spiritual care, chapel and meditation areas

The Gift of Better Health

Ensure Lima neighbors have tools to prioritize their health

Mobile Health Clinic

Donations to the Foundation's Graduate Medical Education (GME) fund help support the work of our medical residents and the ONU HealthWise Mobile Health Clinic that provides free primary care, vaccinations and other services across Allen and Hardin counties. The clinic on wheels is staffed by residents and medical students from St. Rita's GME program, who get valuable experience providing primary care and family medicine.

The Mobile Health Clinic travels to medically underserved local communities with high levels of poverty and illness. The partnership between St. Rita's and Ohio Northern University makes medical care available to those who don't have health insurance or the ability to pay.

Your gift to the Graduate Medical Education fund ensures people in need in Allen and Hardin counties have access to the Mobile Health Clinic with updated equipment and skilled physicians and medical students.

Lend a Hand

Help families get quality medical care even if they don't have insurance or the ability to pay