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Ensure the best cancer care is available for everyone

With your help, there is hope for people with cancer

Donations make the most advanced life-saving cancer care available here in Lima 

When you give to cancer services at Mercy Health St. Rita's Medical Center, you're investing in the medical advancements and therapies, state-of-the-art technology, cancer experts and compassionate care for every person diagnosed with cancer.

We depend on donors like you to ensure that no one faces this battle alone and that everyone receives the screenings and cancer care they deserve.

Cancer Services

People depend on the most advanced life-saving cancer care here in Lima. A donation to the Foundation for cancer services provides vital funding for:

  • Renovations and new medical technology for St. Rita's Cancer Center 
  • Two Mercy Health Express vans to help people get to and from appointments, including treatments for cancer patients
  • Gas cards for cancer patients with a qualifying financial hardship that live outside the Mercy Health Express coverage area
  • Cancer Resource Center
  • Cancer support groups
  • Art and music therapy for cancer patients

Save Lives

Make the best cancer treatment available here in Lima for everyone

Women's Wellness Fund

Donations to this fund help St. Rita's provide the health care needed by women of all ages and stages of life, even if they are uninsured or don't have the ability to pay. Support from donors is used toward the costs of adding additional 3-D mammography units and software upgrades to provide life-saving technology to more women. Our Women's Wellness Center and other services dedicated to women's health benefit from funding for new equipment and facility updates and raise awareness about the importance of annual mammograms.

Women who qualify based on financial need can receive free mammograms or breast ultrasounds for their annual screening or to help detect cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages. And donations provide women in cancer treatment with support groups and journals.

With your help, women have the most advanced options to monitor their health without having to travel to a larger city an hour or more away.

Give for Good Help

Help the women in your life get the care they need to be well

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Donor-funded screening revealed Carrisa’s high-risk status

After Carrisa Waitman felt a lump in her breast, she turned to Mercy Health St. Rita’s Medical Center. A donor-funded 3D mammogram confirmed the lump, and also identified calcifications in her other breast. Now considered high-risk, Carrisa can get routine mammograms as part of her preventative care.