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Our substance abuse services depend on compassionate people like you to provide the best resources for those trying to overcome addiction

Mercy Health St. Rita's Medical Center is committed to helping everyone overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. With help from donors, St. Rita's provides many resources for addiction recovery including treatment options, educational prevention programs and community outreach. Donations to the Sisters of Mercy Legacy Fund provide vital funding to help provide these services in Lima.

The Opiate Withdrawal and Linkage Program is one of the most successful donor-supported resources to help people start on the path to sobriety. Specially trained staff at St. Rita's help patients who have recently completed inpatient detox by connecting them with additional treatment services to continue their recovery journey.

Your donation to Mercy Health Foundation Greater Lima designated to the Sisters of Mercy Legacy Fund ensures each person is supported with compassionate, effective addiction treatments to help them get and stay sober.

Your gift may be the lifesaving helping hand someone needs to turn their life around.

Help People Break Free From Addiction

When you give to the Foundation's Sisters of Mercy Legacy Fund, you ensure effective treatments are available to help people overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. And you help provide education and outreach programs in our community that link people to resources and help prevent drug and alcohol use that leads to addiction.

Give Compassaionate Help

Ensure people in Lima get help to overcome drug and alcohol addiction

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Preslee Burden finally found the help she needed to free herself from the grip of addiction at Mercy Health St. Rita’s Medical Center. Thanks to Mercy Health Foundation Greater Lima donors like you, we can offer support programs to the most vulnerable people in our community. Watch Preslee describe her experience in her own words.