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Our health and wellness services extend well beyond the walls of Marcum and Wallace Hospital, into communities across Lee, Estill, Owsley and Powell Counties. But we depend on donors like you to support Marcum and Wallace's Community Health & Wellness programs. Your gift helps Mercy Health provide important health screenings, wellness resources and education that give people access to quality health care and support when and where it's most convenient for them. And often free of charge, to further help those who qualify because they lack insurance or the financial means to pay.

Your donation will help people get the tools and support they need to prioritize their good health and have a better quality of life. Some of the resources provided thanks to donations include our Community Wellness Programs and Students Health Awareness.

Community Wellness Programs

Support from donors ensures programs that help people take care of their health can be provided across our area, including:

  • Diabetes Coalition partnership promotes healthy nutrition by distributing free meal kits that provide all ingredients to prepare a full healthy meal including meats, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, along with nutrition information and healthy recipes. Meal kits are distributed each month at a location in Lee, Estill, Powell or Owsley counties. 
  • Stress Less & Live More events offer resources, giveaways and advice from Marcum and Wallace staff on good nutrition, home exercises, weight loss and other wellness topics. Counselors provide mental health resources for stress, depression, suicide prevention and substance abuse. 
  • Health fairs offer free screenings for participants like blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, carotid artery scans and speech/language issues.
  • Biggest Loser weight loss programs encourage healthy eating and exercise among co-workers.

The Gift of Good Health

Help people get the tools for healthier living, when and where it's most convenient for them

Students Health Awareness

Helping children learn how to make healthy choices means they are equipped to prioritize their wellness throughout their lives. Donations to our Students Health Awareness fund support events and educational programs in the local schools to familiarize kids with healthy lifestyle choices and the hospital's health care services that they may need in the future.

A number of important programs can be provided to students if we have ongoing support from donors like you:

  • Good nutrition education provided by dieticians
  • Awareness of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services
  • Education about substance use and the dangers of vaping
  • Suicide prevention education
  • Athletic trainers at school sporting events
  • Information about the hospital's departments and career opportunities in health care
  • A Teddy Bear Fair invites students to the hospital for tours and overviews of departments. Students receive a bear that is their "patient" to help overcome fears of receiving medical care.

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