Children & Youth

Invest in the Next Generation

Ensure local students get wellness education to stay in good health

Set kids on a healthy path

Health awareness and other wellness programs help students learn how to lead a healthy life

Besides providing medical care in our clinics and at the hospital, Marcum and Wallace invests in the wellbeing of all children in our local community through educational events in schools and programs at the hospital.

When you support Mercy Health Foundation Irvine, you ensure children get the information they need to make healthy choices and grow into thriving adults.

Students Health Awareness

Helping children learn how to make healthy choices means they are equipped to prioritize their wellness throughout their lives. Donations to our Students Health Awareness fund support events and educational programs in the local schools to familiarize kids with healthy lifestyle choices and the hospital's health care services that they may need in the future.

A number of important programs can be provided to students if we have ongoing support from donors like you:

  • Good nutrition education provided by dieticians
  • Awareness of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services
  • Education about substance use and the dangers of vaping
  • Suicide prevention education
  • Athletic trainers at school sporting events
  • Information about the hospital's departments and career opportunities in health care
  • A Teddy Bear Fair invites students to the hospital for tours and overviews of departments. Students receive a bear that is their "patient" to help overcome fears of receiving medical care.

Make a Difference

Help kids learn about health care and healthy choices