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You can help someone take the first step on the road to recovery

Our treatment programs and community awareness events support people who want to overcome addiction

Mercy Health Marcum and Wallace Hospital is committed to helping everyone overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. We depend on donations designated for Substance Use Recovery to provide a number of resources for our community and to directly support patients through their recovery journey.

Some of the services your donation will help provide:

  • Peer support individuals and counselors that focus on substance abuse
  • Coordinate treatment options and referrals to other organizations
  • On-site evaluations to screen for addiction 
  • Recovery Rally annual event
  • Addiction counselors to speak with participants at community events
  • Narcan giveaways

With your support, people struggling with addiction can get the help they need. Your gift may be the lifesaving helping hand someone needs to turn their life around.

Can We Count on You?

Your donation to Mercy Health Foundation Irvine for Substance Use Recovery ensures each person is supported with compassionate, effective treatments to help them get and stay sober.

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Save lives by ensuring people get help to overcome addiction

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Thank you for supporting addiction response services

Paula Adams lost her son Dalton to addiction. She is thankful for donors like you, who support the Quick Response Team. The Quick Response Team helps patients survive overdoses so they can get the help they need.