Mothers & Babies

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Ensure a special birthing experience for every mom, baby and family 

Each new baby is unique and special. Every birth day should be, too.

Your support means mothers and newborns have the best medical care for a safe, joyful delivery

One of the most meaningful ways to celebrate the miracle of a new life is by making a donation to healthcare services especially for mothers, babies and moms-to-be. Donations help Bon Secours provide the latest advances in maternity care. And gifts from donors like you ensure our Mack Pazdan Neonatal Care Unit is well-equipped to save lives and care for babies who are ill or premature.

Mack Pazdan Neonatal Care Unit

When newborn babies are very sick or premature, our highly skilled team at the Mack Pazdan NCU is here to care for them. Donations are crucial in keeping our Level II NCU and maternity center updated and comfortable for families, help purchase the latest specialized equipment, ensure staff are trained in the latest treatments and provide other services that support parents with a baby in the NCU.

Named in honor of a beloved board member and volunteer, friends and family of Mack Pazdan gave to the NCU in honor of her years of service and passion for St. Francis. Thanks to donations like theirs and yours, the NCU saves lives and gives babies a chance at a bright future.

Save an Infant

Ensure the best life-saving medical care is available for newborns