Greatest Need

Pay It Forward

Ensure the best health care for your community

What a community needs to be healthy isn't always predictable

Your gift directed to where the need is greatest makes vital funding readily available for the most pressing needs that arise

Our donors trust the Foundation to use their donation in a way that has the greatest impact. Your gift for where the need is greatest provides flexible funding to support a diverse range of important projects, programs and services in all of the communities served by Bon Secours Mercy Health.

Greatest Need

Your Greatest Need donation will help renovate patient care areas and public spaces in our hospitals and clinics. You help replace equipment and medical technology so people get state-of-the-art treatment. You support outreach programs that help people prioritize good health and make each community a better, safer place to live. And so much more…

When an urgent need arises, Bon Secours Mercy Health can quickly respond with resources. But we depend on donors like you!

Step Up For The Greatest Needs

Support resources that improve your community's health.

Bon Secours Mercy Health Impact Fund

With one donation, you can make an impact in 12 communities. Your gift is evenly divided and distributed to meet the most pressing needs of every community served by Bon Secours Mercy Health, making a difference for people in five states and a dozen cities.

Unbudgeted needs and new opportunities arise every day. Your gift allows Bon Secours Mercy Health to respond quickly, helping people get the quality health care they need for themselves and their family. 

Make an Impact

One gift. Hope and healing for many.