Mental Health

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Help someone heal from the wounds that can't be seen

Donations are important for providing a full range of services that help people overcome mental health conditions

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. When a person is plagued by mental health challenges or chemical dependency, it affects their entire wellbeing. Charitable giving for mental and behavioral health programs is crucial in providing well-trained staff and counselors, comforting spaces to receive care and resources that support patients throughout their recovery. You can designate your gift directly to the Behavioral Health program or to Mercy Serves.

Behavioral Health

Donations for Behavioral Health services provide crucial funding that helps Mercy Health offer a full range of treatment options and psychological care for people who are experiencing changes in mental or behavioral health or seeking treatment for substance use.

Your gift will support a variety of screenings and inpatient and outpatient behavioral and mental health services provided by caring licensed specialists. Your generosity will help someone get the care they need to heal: mind, body and spirit.

Give Compassionate Help

Help people heal from the inside out

Mercy Serves

With funding from donations, the Mercy Serves program recruits a number of AmeriCorps volunteers for 11-month terms of service working in Mercy Health facilities. These passionate individuals gain valuable professional and life experience through their work helping patients and the community in a number of ways such as:

  • Screen and refer emergency department patients to substance use treatment, primary care doctors, food and housing assistance
  • Support Advance Care Planning professionals in having patient discussions
  • Volunteer with organizations across Cincinnati to advance priorities identified by the community

Lend a Hand

Support Mercy Serves volunteers helping patients in need