Invest in the Best 

Ensure professional development and learning for our health care heroes

The excellent health care you expect from Mercy Health starts with a well-trained medical team

Specialized education programs ensure every caregiver has the latest skills and experience to give you and your loved ones the best care possible

Your support for professional development is an investment in quality health care that makes Cincinnati a better, healthier community. Health care is constantly changing and our team is dedicated to keeping pace, to be the best and brightest at delivering life-saving care you depend on.

Nursing Excellence & Innovation 

Donations provide flexible funding to quickly address the needs of nurses. Resources can be directed to help nurses advance professionally through training, professional development and certifications. Innovative equipment can be purchased that uses technology to lend a helping hand to nurses, like Lucas chest compression devices that assist in performing life-saving CPR.

Make a Difference for Nurses 

Help nurses keep up with the latest advancements in their field

Graduate Medical Education 

Commonly referred to as a residency, the GME program at Mercy Health provides additional training for physicians after medical school, allowing them to specialize and practice independently. Donations for GME help increase training programs and specialty fellowships, along with providing equipment and facility upgrades needed to accept more physicians into the program. Donations can even establish endowments and scholarships for program participants.

By recruiting future doctors to Cincinnati for their residency, Mercy Health is helping to prevent a physician shortage that would reduce health care resources in this area. And thanks to donations, our GME program has expanded to include specialty training in family medicine and emergency care, two areas of great need in the Tri-State area.

Help Recruit
the Best Doctors 

Support residency programs that train future physicians

Clinical Pastoral Education

CPE is a special program at The Jewish Hospital - Mercy Health that trains people to become hospital chaplains. Chaplains of all faiths are important for holistic care of a person's entire being–mind, body and spirit. They provide spiritual and emotional support for patients and families by offering a space for true listening and reflection. Chaplains help people discuss difficult topics like:

  • Spiritual distress or disconnection
  • Death and dying
  • Mental or emotional health
  • Dealing with change or loss

With a national shortage of credentialed chaplains, Mercy Health needs help from donors like you to continue the CPE program in Cincinnati. Donations for Clinical Pastoral Education will allow more cohorts of future chaplains to be trained. Your giving will keep faith traditions and spirituality at the heart of compassionate care for everyone who turns to Mercy Health.

Invest in Compassionate Care

Help train new chaplains to give spiritual and emotional support during difficult times

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