Donor Advised Funds

Bon Secours Mercy Health Foundation now offers Donor Advised Funds 

A Donor Advised Fund is like a philanthropy savings account, putting money aside now for future giving. The Donor Advised Fund is a popular charitable vehicle, especially with donors who are likely to include a charitable gift in their estate plan.  

Through a Donor Advised Fund, you can make an up-front charitable contribution of cash or even appreciated assets like stocks to Bon Secours Mercy Health Foundation to establish your fund. And you will receive an immediate tax deduction for your contribution. You can recommend grants from the fund at any time to benefit Bon Secours Mercy Health and other charities you are passionate to support. Growth of investments in the fund is tax-free, helping to increase your available funds and sustain your charitable giving over time.

If you donate to Bon Secours Mercy Health Foundation and other nonprofits every year, a Donor Advised Fund may be a good resource for you. 

Need more information?

Contact Brad Blandin, Vice President of Charitable Estate & Gift Planning, for a gift illustration to help you decide if a Donor Advised Fund is right for you.