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Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

You are helping Deacon reach his developmental milestones

When Anne Smith learned that her son Deacon suffered from a rare auto-chromosomal syndrome, there was one thing in particular that she didn’t expect.

“We didn’t understand what a feat it was to get him feeding himself,” she said.

Six years later, thanks to the collaborative therapies that Deacon receives from Mercy Health's Springfield Pediatric Rehabilitation, they are making significant strides in overcoming that obstacle.

“Feeding seems like a very isolated thing,” Anne said. “But now he has the core strength, balance and coordination from physical therapy, the coordination to scoop and put the utensil into his mouth from occupational therapy, the strength and stamina to chew in feeding therapy, and he’s working on mouth-position in speech therapy—those are all helping with his feeding overall.”

Those successes are not the only milestones you’ve helped Deacon reach.


“Last November he started walking independently, due in great part to the therapies he received at Mercy Health.”


“He is able to write his name with assistance and he can use steps, which is important because we live in a bi-level,” she said. “These are things that are very much a part of his daily life.”

Anne said Deacon’s therapies contribute to his overall happiness as well: “It’s more than just helping him learn about his body and his movements, it’s also giving him a sense of self and independence."

Anne believes the support you provide to Pediatric Rehab with programs and equipment has an impact on their entire family. “You have an influence on things big and little in our lives every day.”