Jennifer’s Story

Make an Impact

impact | Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

You help Jennifer address patients' health care and basic needs

Your support of the Mercy Health Partnership Program means no person has to choose between paying bills or getting medical care.

As a social worker with the Mercy Health Partnership Program, Jennifer Ramsey sees patients who have no one else to turn to.

Many of them have lost their jobs—and health insurance—due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But because of you, Jennifer is there to help.

Your generosity allows Jennifer to support patients and solve problems so they can get the services they need. You are helping to make sure no patient is forced to choose between taking care of their family and their health.

Mercy Health Partnership Program links health care and community services to people when they need to make major life decisions under stress.


“People are having to choose between the necessities of health care, food and rent. With this program they don’t have to make that difficult choice. Your donations allow us to provide direct help and connect patients with broader networks for assistance.”


“The Mercy Health Partnership Program embodies the Mercy Health Mission and allows us to reach our community when they need it most,” Jennifer said about the program.

Families dealing with serious health issues can find themselves in very tough living conditions, but thanks to you she has been able to connect patients not only with medical care, but in some cases emergency help with housing and food so they can focus on the health problems that brought them here.

Jennifer is very thankful for your support that makes it possible to help patients.