Andre Bibb’s Story


Andre Bibb’s Story

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Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

You helped Andre feel like himself again after cancer treatment

When Andre Bibb started treatment for stage 4 prostate cancer, he knew the disease was incurable. That weighed heavily on his mental well-being as the radiation therapy ravaged his physical health.

“I was pretty messed up,” he said. “Those cancer treatments just drain you. You’re tired and sore. Everything was out of whack. I didn’t know how to live with that kind of pain. Then somebody at the Cancer Center recommended Maple Tree.”

Your donation for cancer care supports services like the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance which helps improve the quality of life for cancer patients like Andre through programs and emotional support. They provide individualized exercise programs—both in person and virtually—to help relieve some of the side effects that come with cancer treatment. Andre was hoping the exercise would help his body feel better. What he got from the program was far more valuable.


“It wound up healing me mentally and spiritually. It’s made a big impact on my life. I feel like my old self again.”


Andre feels better with each passing day and says it’s a blessing that someone told him about the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance at Mercy Health.

“I’m moving. I’m breathing, and breathing is the best part, you know.”

“The program has made me a better person,” he said. “I talk it up to people all the time, and they want to be part of it. I tell them the only bad part about it is you have to have cancer to join.”